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YC3D-18PGY(WW Micro 3D Wheel Aligner)
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Windows 7 operating system, for easy operation.
1. 100*100 small target, volume is 5 times smaller than others, accuracy is improved 5 times and alignment advantage greatly increased.
2. Magnet mounting without clamp, four wheels installation in four seconds, have applied for worldwide patent.
3. Five million pixel industrial camera, leading existing market of 1.3 million and 2 million pixel 3D product.
4. All measurement need 16 seconds and main angle just need 9 seconds.
5. The technology would not be eliminated in the next five years, to replace the existing market of large -sized 300*300mm target technology(already application 15 years).
6. The one trend style aristocratic model cabinet, the luxurious style, full of personality.
7. The latest 3D adjust interface, human and machine mutual action interface, easy to learn and operate.
8. Target lifetime warranty, the after-service cost is zero.
9. Small stature and big skills.
10. It adopts Android system Micro message technology, free upgrade technology.

Excellent advantage:

1. The detection more comprehensive, body, shock absorbers, the two planes positioning for wheel alignment
2. Accuracy can be reach to 0.1mm/0.01°.
3. In addition to its function can be realized all the traditional parameters, and measure the wheelbase difference and wheel tread difference ect. parameters, easy to complete more function that common aligner can not finish.
4. The measurement is not influence by the degree platform level, and the accuracy is also not affected by the body tilt. Just push the car or scroll the wheel, you can complete all the measurement.
5. Install the target, vehicle roll compensation, virtual measurement, measurement speed is very fast.
6. No moving parts, no maintenance
7. Target without calibration, no electronic components on the wheel, if the target falls, there will be no damage to the circuit, continue to work after installed.
8.  Lower failure rate
      No electronic components on the reflective target, no batteries, no data transmission, since only the role of reflective images;
      Metal bracket for the main frame, beams are mostly casting, compression and strong corrosion;
      Computer with high-end configuration to accommodate large data processing, more stable performance;
      Two high-resolution digital cameras continuously monitor the target on each wheel, the camera mounted on a high place to avoid damage.
9.  Easy to use
Wide field of view, vehicles can give rise to easily adjust the height, target and console without cables or electronic signals between the transmission.

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