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YC3D-808A-4 (4pcs cameras)
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1. Suitable for various of trucks and trailers that with a maximum 8m wheelbase.
2. The measurement system is consist of eight posts, eight cameras and eight targets.
3. Suitable for the buses with uniaxial or biaxial steering, multi rear axle, drag that all linked to the full line of semi-trailers and other commercial vehicles, military vehicles, and more than 40 kinds of models structure.
4. Total measurement time is less than 60 seconds.
5. Measurement accuracy reach to 1′,repeat accuracy<8′.
6. 8pcs 200 megapixel industrial camera, three-year warranty, and a lifetime warranty (use time more than 36,000 hours)
7. It adopts the spatial coordinates of the measurement mode, around the wheel between the natural formation of positive isosceles、 trapezoid, so that the wheel is completely reformed. No possibility of any offset.
8. Semi-trailer and trailer can be measured, and with a measuring accessories.

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